The Story

“In order to change an existing imagined order, we must first believe in an alternative imagined order.”
-Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind-


Follow Max and Jeremy, two friends that came to see the decline in our environment; arousing a profound need to reevaluate their lives. Now, they aim to establish a connection between their thoughts, and their actions. With their passion for filming, they will travel the globe; and document the pioneers shaping the world, for our tomorrow.

In 2015, a common interest in documentaries, led them to watch films concerning all the social, ethical and environmental issues we are facing today. Proceeding this, Max and Jeremy decided its time to re-educate themselves. They will explore the globe, in search of individuals and communities working towards a more sustainable future. The project is as much about the protagonists making these changes as it is about the filmmakers own personal growth, throughout this journey. Max and Jérémy hope that by sharing this adventure people will feel empowered, and become part of the necessary change. “Chasing Tomorrow” started the day we both decided it was time for us to re-establish a connection with our initial ambitions, no matter where it would lead.



“If every one of us does as little as he can with conviction and responsibility, I assure you that we will do enormously.”
-Pierre Rabhi-

“Chasing Tomorrow” is our story. Stories are made to be shared.