Chapter II : The world


“The man who seeks to educate himself must first read and then travel in order to correct what he has learned.”
Giacomo Casanova

This first experience in the UK, revealed to us how profoundly people thrive, when they are driven by their initiative. We realised that with determination, method and mindfulness, it is possible to bring people together, and make a positive change. We were excited when picturing a new, ethical and sustainable world!

Returning to London, and our mundane lives, no longer fulfilled us. Yet, as then editing of this first film was progressing, we realized through multiple conversations with strangers, friends and family; most of us agreed, a radical change is necessary and that people are ready to change.

Films concerned with initiatives, are a wonderful way of triggering awareness, but don’t necessarily inspire action.
With that in mind, we decided to push the project a step further. We will travel around the globe. Aiming to spend more time amongst the people and communities we meet. By actively participating in these sustainable projects, we want to capture the fuel of these alternative solutions and share their evolution through a different format.
Doing this, we hope to provide guidance and equanimity; so more people embrace their own potential as activists, culminating in an alternative, healthier world.