Film will be our principal platform, we’ll keep records on a daily basis. Our equipment will be on us at all times, so we can document the people we meet, places we see, and ultimately, share this improvised journey with you. We want to deliver this project through 2 different formats :

REGULAR VIDEO EPISODES – VLOG  (A journalistic video documentation)

We will share short videos on a regular basis, which will allow the people to follow the initiatives and learn more in detail about the processes.


When we return from our journey, our aim is to get help from a professional video production team and eventual sponsors. Ideally we want to create a series of episodes aiming to take an even closer look at the transition themes we’ve listed.
Each episode will be dedicated to one specific theme
. We will mainly use what we have already documented and filmed on the trip. Additional footage would be taken in later trips, for both future episodes, and ones in production. Our goal is to  provide episodes that are as clear and accessible as possible..